4 Facts About Cranes

Posted on 20th Nov 2018

As a crane truck hire and transport solutions company, we love everything to do with tilt trays, cranes and other heavy machinery. These fascinating machines are a familiar sight on construction sites in Queensland and across Australia. They also have an interesting history which we will explore in this blog post.

Cranes Are Named After A Bird

You probably already know that a crane is also a bird. But did you know that a crane (the machine) was actually named after the bird with the same name? The reason is simple. A crane’s structure resembles the shape of the bird of the same name (long neck and long legs).

Cranes Were Invented By Ancient Greeks

The earliest model cranes were created and designed in Ancient Greece around 500 BC. A crane was even used to build the Parthenon. These incredible machines are now a vital piece of equipment in the construction of buildings and when large quantities of materials need to be moved.

Powered By Horses

Before the invention of the steam engine, horses were used to generate the power needed for cranes to operate. These days humans sit in the cabin and the internal combustion engine does the grunt work.

Cranes Are Versatile

Cranes are used to lift heavy materials and various equipment, as well as HVAC lifting, material handling and tree removal. Cranes are unique in that they are installed at the beginning of a construction project and not removed until work finisheS. They literally build themselves!

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