Shipping Container Transport By Road

Posted on 24th Feb 2020

Shipping containers were once solely used to transport cargo, but are now used in a whole host of creative settings. Shipping containers are incredibly versatile and there seems to be no end to how they can be repurposed. Coinciding with a rise in the popularity of shipping containers, comes a surge in the demand for shipping container transport, particularly on the domestic front. Here are your options for shipping container transport by road.


Tilt Tray Truck Delivery 

A tilt tray truck is the best method to use when you have plenty of clearance in front of, and above where your shipping container will be located. The ground also needs to be flat, dry and firm. 

Tilt Tray trucks have a tray which lowers to the ground and tilts back allowing the container to slide slowly off the back as the truck drives forward. 


The exact clearance requirements will depend on the size of the tilt tray truck. For example, a 6m Tilt Tray will require a 5m height clearance, 3.5m width clearance and 20m length clearance. 

Other Shipping Container Transport Trucks

Other options for transporting a shipping container by road include:

  • Side Loaders -  Ideal for tight spaces, particularly when there isn’t much space in front or behind where the shipping container needs to go.
  • Hiab or Crane - This option is best when there is restricted access to the site or the container needs to be placed some distance away from a road a truck can travel on.
  • Flat Bed - Often cheaper than a tilt tray truck but requires a forklift to load and unload as the tray does not tilt.

If your shipping container needs to travel long distances across states, rail is usually the most cost-effective method of transport. 

Get Shipping Container Transport Quote

If you are on the hunt for shipping container transport, it’s likely your first question will be - how much? The cost of shipping container delivery and/or pickup will vary depending on a number of factors. These include:

  • Type of truck
  • Distance (interstate or local)
  • Size of shipping container
  • Weight of Contents
  • Type of contents
  • Access to site

If you need to transport a shipping container to or from the Gold Coast, get in touch with Towtal Tilt & Crane for a free shipping container transport quote.